PlayTKD vs. All Pickleball Platforms

PlayTKD is an approach to Pickleball that puts the players first with features and functions geared towards capturing the total Pickleball experience from scheduling to results to rankings.

We are a virtual ecosystem that connects the Pickleverse easily and efficiently.   

We are the only SEAMLESS Pickleball Platform that allows users to create custom games with up to 16 friends and play for Real Money or Kitchen Koin, our virtual currency, all thru our Platform.   It takes no more than 20 seconds to create a game.  NO MORE UNORGANIZED PLAY.

We are the only Pickleball Platform that can input 4 to 16 games at a time vs their competitors.  


We are the ONLY Pickleball Platform that allows users to host their own PRIVATE clubs to where club members can create organized games and notify members without a single text.  Imagine that?  NO MORE UNWANTED TEXT STRINGS.

Unlike a few other platforms, all club hosting is FREE and you do not have to be a member of a physical club or facility to host your private club.  Users can be in as many clubs as they choose!  NO MORE PICKLEBALL DISCRIMINATION 


Coming Fall 2022, we will be the only Pickleball Platform that allows any Pickler to create their own custom leagues of up to 32 players and tournaments up to 1000 players without being apart of a club or facility.


Of course, we do have some features that other choppy Pickleball Platforms rely on such as Pickleball news and blogs, court search, lesson booking, and a Merch store.  We will also be establishing a ratings system in the near future unless one of the current rating providers would like to sync up.


In sum, if you like to host games or clubs, we are your best friend.  If you like to join games seamlessly and not worry if your flakey friends will respond back thru text, we are your best friend.

If you love P I C K L E, you will love this! Trust Us!